Corona Virus - Information You need and how to protect Yourself

Corona Virus - Information You need and how to protect Yourself

ISBN 9783869929033 and ISBN 9783869929002

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A new coronavirus is spreading. This handbook, compiled by an experienced physician, summarizes the current state of knowledge. Clear and concise you will learn everything about topics such as: transmission routes, symptoms and course of the disease, risk groups and severe courses, pregnancy, infectivity and its duration, incubation time, lethality, complications, their times and duration, asymptomatic or presymptomatic virus excretion and transmission, tenacity, resistance and inactivation on surfaces, social and individual prevention and protection for patients, for hospital visitors, for nursing, for home visitors, for parents, for home quarantine, for educational institutions, for travelers, for family, for animals, for sick persons, preventing the spread of coronavirus disease, cleaning and disinfection, manage anxiety and stress, diagnosis, diagnostics, treatment and therapy, prognosis … An indispensable guide for all those who want to protect themselves and their fellow human beings from the Virus.